Red Bull
Signature Series

Red Bull Signature Series are a series of 25 Action-sport events, shown on NBC. Monterosa worked together with BBH L.A on the online presence for the series and I had the chance to be a part of the Monterosa team. The website was built to be fully responsive to look as good on a big TV screen as on an iPhone.

I designed the website together with Micke Gustafsson who made the initial design. In close collaboration with the rest of the Monterosa team containing: CD, Developers, Interaction Designers, Producers as well as Jakob Stenqvist from Public Class. 

Because of the responsiveness needed and that a lot of the design was actually made directly in code, I decided to, besides the regular psd´s to make a really extensive Design Guidelines document with all the details of the different elements. To work as a template and help for the developers. 

Monterosa / Red Bull



My Role:
Art Direction & Design